Thursday, 19 April 2012

R is for Really Really wonderful*

Radiant, Resplendent, and Ravishing - how we Relish the moments when we can Realize any of those Representations.  I have Recognized them in others but Rarely in myself.  I was, however, one of those women who "glow" when Reproducing so I had nine months of Radiance while carrying The Boy.

I Remember when I started this blog I Requested a partner with sparkling eyes...  TLOML has Relucent Refulgent (now there is a word that sounds VERY different from its meaning!) blue eyes and I Respond with Rosy Rapture every time they Reflect in my direction.

Retain and Restrain
are like days of old
one means to keep and the other to hold

*TLOML and The Nurse will Recollect this Reference


  1. So glad your life is now Remarkably Ravishing!

  2. HI! Stopped by from the A to Z Challenge. Refulgent! It is has been a short while since I came across a word I"ve never heard. Splendid!

    I'm stopping by from the Main Street Arts blog, where S is for Shepherdstown!

    1. P.S.

      I think you named three of Kirkegaard's states of despair under your Avatar!