Thursday, 12 April 2012

K-Day nearly Killed me!

OMG what a day.

I Kaught the early ferry to town and it was ROUGH.  Out to the university and... phew day one of my Konflict Koaching Klass (sorry Kan't Kontain myself) was exhausting.  I am really fascinated by the subject and the Klass was Keen but my body is Klapped out and by the end of the day I was really struggling to Kope.  Three more days are going to Kill me.  To Komplete my Krappy feeling I got seasick on the ferry on the way home and spent the evening being tended to by the Kute and Karing LOML...  I'm lucky.

Keeping on Keeping on
might work for Rolf*
to be quite frank I'd rather play golf

*Non- Aussies might not recognize this reference to Rolf Harris a famous Australian entertainer who used the slogan Keeps on Keeping on in a long running series to TV Kommercials for a brand of paint.


  1. Brillliant inclusion of Rolf there - had me ROFL :-)

    Sorry to hear your K Day was a Krap day. Hope you're feeling stronger and better today. Give 'em L!

  2. Hope L day goes better for you. Made me giggle.