Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I is for Irukandji Illness and Injuries

Today I went to see the GP (Dr McSincere) and I have finally decided to do something about following up the problems I am having with my right shoulder and right ankle.  It's really hard when you have a chronic pain condition to know which areas of pain are just fibro and which are actually Injuries.  My right shoulder has been extremely painful for many months and I have finally come to the conclusion that I must have hurt it.  Any time I reach back (like to put on my seat belt or to reach around to get a glass from the bedside table) I get stabbing and long lasting pain at the point of my shoulder... It isn't just fibro... So I'm off for an ultrasound and a couple of x-rays.

After the doctor I met TLOML at the beach and for the first time this season we braved the stingers and went for a swim!  Naturally this followed a check with The Nurse about how many stings there have been lately and where they occurred.  It was lovely!  Here is a picture of the tiny Irukandji that can cause so many problems for anyone unlucky enough to be stung.
Back home I finished off another paper for University and then here I am... writing to you...

Illness and Injury
Neither is fair
But luckily for me I have the pair!


  1. Hope you can sort your shoulder out.

    Those little Irukandji are tiny... but I bet they pack a punch well above their weight 8-(

  2. Sorry about the shoulder. You don't realize how much you use it until you hurt it! How can such a cute little animal cause so many issues?