Saturday, 7 April 2012

G stands for everything that's Glorious and Good (except The Boy)

Some of my Good and Gallant followers will Garner the Genuine meaning of the heading of this post, while I'm sad to say that others will only be able to Guess...  Such is the outcome of my pitiful attempts to maintain some degree of anonymity.  Today I have been both Grouchy and Grumpy and I'm sure quite Grotesque as I Grumbled and Garumphed my way through the day.  I can't entirely Guarantee the cause of this Gloom but I am sure leaving Sydney and Going back to paradise is part of the Grief... actually Grief is most likely the Guts of the issue as I prepare to leave The Boy with no plans for the next time we will see each other.  Most likely I will be back here around Christmas but still that is a Great way off.  Thus I Growl and Gripe on... and on...

Grief and Glory
are oddly related
and much worse for me when anticipated.

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