Monday, 30 April 2012

Z stands for endings

Some say in order to have a beginning we must first experience an ending... today is a day of ending...

April ends and certainly May will begin.  I can't believe how quickly this year is passing.
The A - Z blog challenge is ending too and although I will be glad not to feel the pressure to blog, just because it is time to blog, it has been fun.  The poems that I have used to close each blog have been fun to write and strangely good for my ego as they have somewhat rebuilt my badly damaged belief in my own ability to do new and different things.
Today I finished my first masters subject with the submission of my final essay.  It was two weeks late and took masses more work than any other paper I have ever written (short of full length books) and it has been stressful to the max.  I was required to analyze a conflict and chose the court case that is going on at the moment over accessible taxis in New York (thanks to my mate Sarah at who wrote the incisive piece that drew this conflict to my attention).  It was a really difficult assignment because though my conflict analysis skills and knowledge were being tested I needed to completely study the conflict itself to demonstrate those skills.  If you want to know anything about that conflict up to April 20th (the date of the most recent appeal hearing) I'm your girl!

So what are the beginnings I wonder?

I have not signed up for any other kind of blog challenge at the moment so I can hope now to resume normal blogging habits.
As far as university work goes I have Zillions of things I now need to do!  I am off to conflict coach TLOML's ex who has GENEROUSLY agreed to be my guinea pig.  I also have discussion boards to do (that require lots of reading) and another final essay that needs to be started.

So there you go, not too many Z's are in evidence, but such is life.  Thank you for joining me on the A - Z Blog Challenge and welcome to the new followers I have acquired this month!

Zoo and Zoom
show you my limit
but they do mean this blog is done in a minute


  1. Well done on the essay... phew... and good luck with the next one.

    And congrats on completing your blog challenge :-) Zippadeedoodah!!

  2. Well, regardless of a real Z topic, congrats on finishing the challenge! It's been real, it's been fun, but it hasn't always been real fun. lol The deadline can sneak up and grab you when you least expect it. It was my first year but I'll be back for more punishment next year! lol