Sunday, 1 April 2012

A guilty blogger...

Forgive me readers for I have sinned --- it has been bloody ages since my last blog and it was a fair while between that one and the one before.

*big bloody sigh*  I haven't been reading many blogs either so all my cyber mates are very distant and unfamiliar at the moment...  I'm sure I need a boatload of hail Herbert's to receive absolution for these sins.

Tomorrow we are going to Sydney and I have been stressed to the max (a total female dog to live with) about the trip...  I can't wait to see The Boy and I talked to him for nearly two hours yesterday on the phone which was great.  I have assignments due for University so I will need to keep studying while away.  On top of all this I have been feeling like absolute excreta for the last week or more.  Roving muscle pain that refuses to respond to anything from massage to morphine has taken up seemingly permanent residence in my body. Quite frankly it just sucks, to be honest.

TLOML has been wonderful as usual but even she has not escaped my irritation and my moody, PMS'y, I'm sick of hurting, unreasonable wrath.  She's pretty good but isn't quite rivaling Mother Theresa for sainthood so there have been a few snappy exchanges.  Fortunately we do manage to get over it very quickly and we are forgiving of each other.

The weather here has become incredibly beautiful; brilliant blue skies, warm but not as hot and humid, glistening sea, lush green gardens and bush (from all the rain we were having a few weeks ago)... quite frankly if I wasn't so keen to see The Boy I would rather stay here right now than go away.  I'm sure once we are underway I will relax a bit and that I will actually enjoy it but it's kind of hard to think of traveling for pleasure when I have been so haunted lately.

So I don't blog because I feel like I am boring and grumpy and incapable of seeing anything in an interesting and amusing way... and then I lose touch and blah blah blah....  well there you go...

I will try to do better, I promise.


  1. I'm glad to read from you :). Don't be too hard on yourself, we get all get blogblock and we all get into slumps (I've been in one myself). Please know that you have been on my heart and I'm glad to know how you're doing. I am hoping for a restful & enjoyable trip to Sydney for you & that your spirit will be refreshed & renewed.

    1. Thank you so much Kris - I'm very glad to know that at least one of my cyber blogging buddies forgives me! (That's gotta be good for one less Hail Herbert?) I hope you are doing ok too my friend.