Monday, 2 April 2012

C is the Cutest of them all

Here we are in Sydney Calm and Concealed at TLOML's bro's house.  We Collected the rental Car and Charged through the Congestion...  It is Cool to be Carefree.  The harbour is Clingquant!( I know that is a Cryptic word but it is so Correct!).  This evening we are off to see The Boy and have Chow with The Best Friend and her Clan so that should be Completely Coruscant!

Charming, Crazy and Curt
to each I've been wed
and by all I've been hurt.


  1. Welcome to suddenly sunny Sydney you two!

    1. Wonderful weather walks with me! Thanks!

  2. Alliteration done well is an art form. Thanks for the smile.