Monday, 9 April 2012

one HUNDRED blogs and HOME again!

This is the one Hundredth gonna eat worms blog.  Hard to believe I Have traveled such a Huge distance since my Humble beginnings with a single follower (myself).

Hopped on a plane (not a Helicopter) and flew Home today.  Already Hurting to be away from The Boy and all the other people we love in Sydney, still I'm Happy to be Home.  The Hike Home was Harrowing and it Hurt Heaps so it Helps to be just Hanging loose for now.

Over the next couple of days I Have Heaps of Homework for university and then starting Thursday I will be at a workshop for four days so I might be Hatching very Hasty entries in this Horse race for the next week.  Please forgive me!

Heaven and Home
Might be the one place
But it's people you love make it more than a space.