Saturday, 21 April 2012

S is for Splendiforous and Serendipitous too!

TLOML and I have been considering an addition to the family... Some Say it is too Soon but we are Sure - So Saturday being the day today we Stepped into the Strange and Selected a Simply Superb Stray from the rSpca!

She is quite Something and we are Surprised She had not been Snapped up Sooner!  Soooooo  She is now Safely Situated here and we are Smitten!  Her name is Frizby BTW and She is about 14 months old, fluffy black and white, Shitzhu X Maltese... Soft... Sweet... and Spoiled already!

Safety and Shelter
might be akin
but our bed is much Softer than the Shelter She was in


  1. Welcome Frizby! How lovely - she will have a fantastic forever home with you two. How is TMOYL's dog taking the new arrival?

    1. Thanks mate! Frizby is doing really well and Venus is tolerant but skeptical... we will all be fine. I took them for a long walk on the beach today while TLOML was outrigging and Frizby went off lead and was wonderful she even swam across the creek without coaxing and came every time she was called! She is a winner!

  2. Hooray for new doggies! I'm so glad to hear you rescued her from a shelter. When I was young, my family got purebreds from breeders, but now we always rescue. We have five mutt pups in my immediate family (not all in one house though), and they are the bestest things ever!

    Wishing you continued success with the A to Z challenge,