Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Gonna Eat Worms hits the big 50

Well well well... my 50th post.  How things have changed in the short time I have been writing this blog... and then how they haven't...

I have had a weird day today with some very strange sensations going on.  My arms are still feeling very weak from the exertion last Friday night which is a little worrisome,  I feel like I need something to support my wrists and to be honest if the keyboard became difficult for me I would totally freak out!!!  The fatigue has eased a little in general and it was quite a good day pain wise too but OMG the damn vertigo has picked up.

The Boy and I went to lunch together and then wandered slowly through a department store trying to find an inexpensive (but very classy) gift for his boy friend.  My poor darling I was having regular head spins and he had to keep waiting for me or worse yet I would put my hand on his shoulder for balance!  "Why do you keep touching me?" he grumbled (as only an 18 year old can), though he shouldn't be surprised I have been using his shoulder for balance up and down stairs for years!  I'm a bit scared of stairs.

Today I have had strange skin sensations all day.  This morning there were invisible bugs walking all over my legs.  I kept slapping at them but I knew they weren't there.  I feel like I have the DTs except that I haven't had a drink in over a week!  Not that I drink much ever really.  So the imaginary bugs were replaced by patches of burning skin and then in interesting combination of creepy crawlies and burning patches.  Shit, this stuff is fun!  Something new and different nearly every day... well mum always said "Variety is the spice of life".

Gonna Eat Worms has turned out to be a variety laced blog, everything from philosophy, to family dysfunction, to medical news, to politics, to developments in my love life!  I find this act of clarifying my thoughts into readable bite sized pieces very therapeutic.  I also have really benefited from the comments people make here.  My little band of followers has grown from just two personal friends to 18 in total and perhaps a few more who read but don't follow.  I'm very grateful to you guys who bother to read this and I am amazed by the warmth and compassion I have been shown.  I really feel that this little open diary has given me new friends and the broadest of global horizons.

Thank you to everyone who reads this.


  1. Err, read but don't follow. That would be me. Corrected it.

  2. Um... 19 followers! Or is that 20?

    Hope your weird skin sensations go away. Feeling like there's something crawling on you for hours on end would not be fun. May you wake tomorrow feeling better than today...

  3. Andrew - thank you and welcome!
    Carinthia - mate I know you read it *S* I actually had a pretty good day today and the skin sensations are weird but not painful so they are the least of my worries. As always thank you for your wonderful support!

  4. I'm a read and don't follow person as well. I found your blog on the blogger directory, and love to read it.

  5. I really do enjoy reading your blog! There are so many times I want to comment on something you've said, but I can't do it from my iPhone (something about having to chose an identity that the darn phone fusses with) so it really takes an effort to respond. But you are well worth it. TLOML-fingers crossed!!!

  6. Shelley - thank you so much!
    Upnorth - nice to hear from you - I enjoy your blog also.
    Kathy - You never need any excuses mate. I know we are sisters in thought and deed!

    Who would have thought that a little post like this would bring so many readers out of the closet!!

    What fun!

  7. You are awesome. Keep it up, and congrats!

    ...out of the closet...hee, hee.

  8. Jazz - You rock! We definitely belong to a 'Mutual Admiration Society'!

  9. I sympathize with you, I get those "creepy crawlies" and burning skin too, two days ago I was sure there were spiders crawling down my back and I ripped my shirt off in a panic! LOL

  10. Ahhh Adi - isn't it weird and unpleasant? thanks mate