Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Juice Diet Day 5

Ok here is the announcement... I am going to discontinue this diet after 7 days unless I start to feel substantially better.  I feel like crap, I have felt like crap the whole time, and in addition to the normal crappy feeling I am having to do all this crappy stuff to make the juice (which is quite yummy usually once I get it done)

So here I am reporting on yesterday (Day 5) with only today and tomorrow to go.

I'm going to see the immunologist this afternoon - clearly I won't have to explain that today is a good day, though not quite the worst I ever feel it is a good example of a bad (not BAAAAD) day.

Quite frankly I'm over it!

Edna Everage Day DAY 5
Constant Pain Constant dull aches Headache's gone! Body pain is unrelenting.
Pain Rating 5 6
Stabbing or Shooting Pain Intermittent but many times a day – hips, knees, shoulders, back, neck – the usual suspects My hips, knees and right shoulder featured prominently with a rather nasty cameo by my back.
Energy Like I used to feel when I had a cold or the flu. Still lousy
Skin Irritation and itchiness usually when I try to relax Not too bad (Yay!)
Plumbing Varies Fine
Forgetfulness Intermittent Average
Depression A bit down A bit down
Anxiety Fluctuating at times high Average (a couple of spikes)
Sleep Restless, broken, some insomnia Slept very heavily (woke hurting) for about 4 hours and then couldn't go back to sleep.
Restlessness Limited ability to be still Not too bad
Fumbling & Stumbling Drop things, bump into things, catch feet on uneven surfaces & stumble Quite bad, even watching my fingers I lost hold of something I was holding delicately.
Balance & Vertigo Varied equilibrium issues with occasional vertigo Poor balance a couple of mild head spins (needed to sit)
Hunger Not usually Too tired to bother eating it was a real drudge
Cheating N/A Nuts, olives and avocado and whole fruit instead of juiced.


  1. Sorry to hear the juice diet doesn't appear to have helped your Fibro. :-( Does your immunologist know you are on it? You may have to be wary of some of the acidity levels in some fruits. Good news about the waistline though.

  2. oh that sucks. I have heard about others trying different diets, to not much benefit. I tried low carb, and felt like killing someone I was so irritated.

    Hope you get this sorted.

  3. Carinthia - Prof McCool said to give it up...
    Jazz - I hear that carbs increase serotonin uptake (or something like that) and we are short of serotonin so WE have an excuse for eating carbs (this may be total rubbish but it sounds like a good story to me!)
    Thanks grrls!