Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Juice Fast Day 1

This was an easy day and boy did I need it to recover from the day before.  The juice diet is not that hard at the moment.  I had some avocado and almonds at lunch to take the edge of my desire for bulk.  Dinner was a weird veggie concoction followed by a delicious mushy fruit juice with apple, pear and some mango.

Starting around lunch time and running through to bedtime I had a terrible splitting headache which my mate The Horsewoman says is natural when you are "detoxing".

Still it isn't too hard so far...

Edna Everage Day DAY 1
Constant Pain Constant dull aches Quite sore recovering from yesterday – Headache which is not usual
Pain Rating 5 6
Stabbing or Shooting Pain Intermittent but many times a day – hips, knees, shoulders, back, neck – the usual suspects Average (Regular intense pain but not constant)
Energy Like I used to feel when I had a cold or the flu. Average (Slow and tired)
Skin Irritation and itchiness usually when I try to relax Slightly irritated
Plumbing Varies Fine
Forgetfulness Intermittent A bit worse than average
Depression A bit down Quite Miserable
Anxiety Fluctuating at times high Average (Regular intense pain but not constant)
Sleep Restless, broken, some insomnia Slept 2.5 hours awake and restless 2.5 hours slept again 1.5 hours
Restlessness Limited ability to be still Average (Regular intense pain but not constant)
Fumbling & Stumbling Drop things, bump into things, catch feet on uneven surfaces & stumble Quite bad but not as bad a Day 0
Balance & Vertigo Varied equilibrium issues with occasional vertigo Stumbled a few times no head spins
Hunger Not usually Very hungry with lunch
Cheating N/A Had avocado and some almonds with lunch juice but that apparently isn't cheating

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