Friday, 11 November 2011

The Juice Diet Day 3

The weekend is here and Day 3 was Friday.  I have to confess that I have broken the diet on the evening of Day 3 cause I REALLY wanted to go and have dinner with my friend, The Actress, and her beautiful daughters.  Then I REALLY wanted to go out to the pub to see her hubby The Percussionist play in his band.

Never being very well versed in the subtleties of self flagellation and deprivation I did what I REALLY wanted to do!  I was not too bad though.  I watched The Actress make the green chicken curry - all good fresh ingredients, drank water with dinner, and only had two little beers at the pub.  (OK one big beer and one little beer).

Here it is for your reading pleasure... Day 3.

Edna Everage Day DAY 3
Constant Pain Constant dull aches Quite high level of constant pain and continuing headache – got a bit better in the evening.
Pain Rating 5 6 then 5
Stabbing or Shooting Pain Intermittent but many times a day – hips, knees, shoulders, back, neck – the usual suspects Left knee feels like it has fallen apart with my lower leg coming off from the top. Other more intense pain in the usual places too.
Energy Like I used to feel when I had a cold or the flu. Terrible... About as much bounce as a ball made of clay. Noticeably better in the evening.
Skin Irritation and itchiness usually when I try to relax The weird invisible things are walking on my skin today
Plumbing Varies Fine
Forgetfulness Intermittent Average
Depression A bit down Miserable Day/ Happier in the evening
Anxiety Fluctuating at times high Quite high for a while then less evident.
Sleep Restless, broken, some insomnia Woke many times but managed to go back to sleep relatively quickly. Probably about 6 hours broken.
Restlessness Limited ability to be still More tired than restless so getting sore before forcing the movement.
Fumbling & Stumbling Drop things, bump into things, catch feet on uneven surfaces & stumble Average, had a bit of trouble not catching my feet on raised surfaces.
Balance & Vertigo Varied equilibrium issues with occasional vertigo Average
Hunger Not usually I'm hungry and getting sick of this business. My body wants carbs and protein.
Cheating N/A OK Sue me – I went to my friend's (The Actress) house and had a Thai Chicken Curry – all home made bloody delicious and all fresh.

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