Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Berlin Wall - Occupy... think about it!

This just came into my facebook feed

This is what a Bank Shut Down looks like
No Violence, No Robberies, Just NO BUSINESS

Does anyone remember 22 years ago when we sat glued to our lounges and couches and watched the fall of the Berlin Wall?

Does anyone remember the feeling as those brothers and sisters - separated for nearly 30 years - partied on the wall and chipped away at it until it crumbled?

I do

It was tangible proof that individuals DO make a difference, that the movements for solidarity in Poland throughout the 80's HAD made a difference...  That oppression can not perpetuate indefinitely.

The Berlin Wall holds particular significance to me because when I was 10 I was there.  An Australian girl from a privileged and sheltered background, I will never forget staying at our hotel on the Unter den Linden in West Berlin and the sight of the wall truncating that beautiful avenue.  We went through Checkpoint Charlie into East Berlin andsuddenly the everything seemed to be in black and white instead of in colour.  The American guards at the checkpoint took our passports and gave us stern warnings "Be back before dark because we can't come in after you".  Before dark!  We barely lasted 20 minutes!  West Berlin had more neon and flashing lights than I had ever seen in my not very long life and 100 yards away was the most depressing place I had encountered.  I was only 10 but the impression it made will never leave me.

I am not suggesting there is a great parallel between the fall of communism and the Occupy Movement aside from the rising up of the people, of ordinary people, you and me (and even some Republicans (US) Liberal Voters (OZ)!!!)  are saying "enough is enough".

I love this sign it states my position clearly,

I don't think this is about bringing down capitalism. it is just about sharing.  In this world of abundance why do some (1%) have so much that they could never in their wildest dreams spend it all, when everyone else (99%) is struggling?

Please get behind this movement, make a supportive statement, attend if you can.  The more of us who calmly say, "This just isn't right." the sooner someone somewhere will start taking notice.

I don't know what the symbol will be for this movement, I don't know what will be its BerlinWall, but I do know that when there is a change to corporate greed, and it will change, something will arise as our monument to massive social change and whatever that something is I will hold it sacred in my heart!

Saturday, Noon, Town Hall, Sydney - If you can make it, let me know to look for you!


  1. Love that photo! Planning to be there on Saturday at this stage.

  2. Carinthia! I am delighted - you and I will break out of our comfort zones together!

  3. I'm not in Sydney, but you have my moral support.

  4. You've got mine too. Excellent post...

  5. I love the sign also and what makes it even better is the fact that a child is holding it.

  6. Andrew and Cane Girl - thank you for your moral support!
    Mildred - welcome and thank you I am checking out your blog and you will no doubt see my comments appearing.
    Diane - You have no need to thank me as my thanks are always going to you!
    Keep the faith gang!