Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Trudging through treacle...

I am calling it treacle but I resent the fact that treacle is a substance of which I am rather fond...

It might be better called tar or mud which are both unpleasant but which don't quite capture just how hard it is to make my body move today.

Even typing is hard and keeping my eyes open is even harder...but I feel like I need to spit something out there.

I think where I used to have exhaustING days now I have exhaustED days... far too frequently.  My body feels a bit like it used to feel after a 200 metre sprint, only there hasn't been a sprint.  I tried to describe the feeling to Professor McCool the other day and missed this metaphor unfortunately...  I wonder if it means something that my muscles feel like I am in an anaerobic state?

I'm off the juice diet, McCool said to stop and I'm glad I did cause I didn't have even a single day while I was on it when I felt strong or energetic.  Mind you I feel crappy still so maybe it wasn't the diet's fault.  My fingernails liked the diet they seem healthier.

So night after night I have been waking and not being able to go back to sleep, little snatches of sleep just can't sustain anyone.  Last night I took one of the anti-depressants McCool prescribed and I slept all almost all night and was like a zombie all day...  I hope they don't continue to knock me out that much.  I hate taking meds.

I'm such a cheap drunk!


  1. Hey Displaced! I'm sorry to hear you are wrung out. That's a bummer. I feel ya.

    I have a similar experience with a very low dose antidepressant I have been trying: knocks me out for a few hours, then I feel drugged for the whole next day. At the lowest dose. I'm a cheap drunk too!

    Once again, we are fibro sisters.

    Hope you get your pep back soon.


  2. Thanks Jazz, my pep seems popped at the moment. I'm having a hard time even being interested in anything enough to blog or to read and respond to blogs. *sigh* Thanks Sis.