Saturday, 12 November 2011

The Juice Diet Day 4

I feel like shit which may or may not be the fault of the bloody juice diet...  I am not really succeeding with it completely, having fallen off the juicer two days in a row (due to loving friends wonderful home cooking!!!)

On Day 4 I felt so shitty I just didn't have the energy to cut it all up, build the juicer, shove it all in there, clean the juicer and then drink the sludgy concoction that was by then starting to separate.  I grabbed an apple and made do with that until in the late afternoon when I drove around the corner to see The Best Friend.  She is becoming legendary in this blog and in my mind.  This time she looked at me and said "sit down" (pulling out a chair at the table) then placed in front of me a steaming bowl of goulash and said "eat".  Then she proceeded to make me laugh so hard I was out of breath!  I was seriously having one of those 'I can hardly move' days and that half an hour of nurturing was like a lifetime in heaven.  I forced myself to juice fruit in the evening and overdid the oranges for which I was rewarded with an attack of hives.  *sigh*...  I am wondering why I am bothering, though my pants are getting looser.

BTW The Best Friend doesn't want to be mentioned in my blog but I can't stop myself singing her praises and being so thankful that I have her.

Edna Everage Day DAY 4
Constant Pain Constant dull aches Very high level of constant pain and milder headache – got a bit better in the evening.
Pain Rating 5 7 then 6
Stabbing or Shooting Pain Intermittent but many times a day – hips, knees, shoulders, back, neck – the usual suspects Both my knees were plaguing me as well as a persistent cramp/spasm in my right calf.
Energy Like I used to feel when I had a cold or the flu. Dragging
Skin Irritation and itchiness usually when I try to relax Too much citrus has kicked my allergies into high gear and my skin was itchy all over
Plumbing Varies Fine
Forgetfulness Intermittent Better than average
Depression A bit down Fine
Anxiety Fluctuating at times high Average
Sleep Restless, broken, some insomnia Woke a few times but slept pretty well (with the assistance of meds)
Restlessness Limited ability to be still Too much pain for restlessness
Fumbling & Stumbling Drop things, bump into things, catch feet on uneven surfaces & stumble Average
Balance & Vertigo Varied equilibrium issues with occasional vertigo Poor balance when walking wobbling around like a drunk.
Hunger Not usually I felt too tired to do all the things I needed to eat.
Cheating N/A Had whole fruit instead of juicing it (see above). The Best Friend fed me some nice home made Goulash so I guess I have failed again... oops


  1. Wow, despite falling off the juicer a little, I think you are amazingly disciplined to come this far. I couldn't do it, my stomach would never forgive me. I hope you reap some rewards for all your hard work (cutting and slicing etc).

    The best friend, sounds like a gem. :) mmm goulash

    Thanks for taking the time to come over to my blog and do the 2min survey :) xx

    Cheers Sarah Bellany

  2. Hi Sarah and welcome!

    The Best Friend is wonderful and I am so fortunate to have her in my life again.

    No worries re the survey I hope it helped.