Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The Juice Fast - Day 0

Ok here's the story...

My good friend, The Horsewoman (who is fit, fabulous and nearly fifty!) has talked me into going on a 10 day juice only fast.

I'm not at all sure it will do any good, in fact I was somewhat concerned that it might be harmful but Dr McLovely grimaced and said I would be starving but that it probably would do no harm.

Most people with chronic illnesses, in my experience, will get depressed and frazzled (or as my Mum would have said "I'm at my wit's end") with the relentless nature of their condition and will try the occasional fad or radical diet.  This is mine.  Being a rather analytical person by nature I thought it might be interesting to post here on the blog every day and give any poor sod who's reading this an update.  So I thought I would put together a little spreadsheet (yes I confess analytical) and look at the things that bother me consistently and see if there are any noticeable changes.  Now as stated elsewhere in this weighty tome yesterday was not a good day... actually it was a BAD day so it is not a very good yardstick against which to measure these subjective assessments of my condition.  So in addition to starting with an assessment of yesterday I will include an assessment of my version of an average day, I'll call it the Edna Everage Day - Day 0 is yesterday and I started last night.

Edna Everage Day DAY 0
Constant Pain Constant dull aches Not quite “Shoot me now!” but a VERY achy day
Pain Rating 5 7
Stabbing or Shooting Pain Intermittent but many times a day – hips, knees, shoulders, back, neck – the usual suspects Always somewhere – shoulders, elbows, hips
Energy Like I used to feel when I had a cold or the flu. Moving very slowly but getting things done – Very tired/fatigued.
Skin Irritation and itchiness usually when I try to relax My clothes/shoes were hurting me – hypersensitive
Plumbing Varies Fine
Forgetfulness Intermittent Average
Depression A bit down A bit down
Anxiety Fluctuating at times high Fluctuating at times high
Sleep Restless, broken, some insomnia Broken about 6 hours in total
Restlessness Limited ability to be still Unable to be still at all.
Fumbling & Stumbling Drop things, bump into things, catch feet on uneven surfaces & stumble Bad. Dropped several things, tripped multiple times and nearly fell.
Balance & Vertigo Varied equilibrium issues with occasional vertigo Equilibrium was off, staggered several times, slight head spin.
Hunger Not usually Hungry at night after juice
Cheating N/A Not yet...

Dinner last night was an interesting concoction of carrots, spinach, celery, apple, ginger and tomato followed by a juice of apple, pear and celery (for dessert LOL).

Well stay tuned if you are interested otherwise my normal rambling blogs will still keep coming and you can skip these ones that will be headed as above.

Let it be said at the outset, I'm a skeptic and I don't think I will see any significant changes in my pain or fatigue levels, however, I would be DELIGHTED to be proven wrong!


  1. I really hope you're proven wrong and I'm sorry that you felt you couldn't respond to one of my topics. I am interested in what you have to say. I know things got a little crazy on my blog today. Hopefully, that won't be an every day occurrence. Good luck on your juice diet. I'll be back to check in on how it's going for you.

  2. No worries Mildred and welcome! Crazy days are good in their own special way.

  3. Eating normal food or drinking something other than juice (or black tea) would constitute cheating... Not having a partner I am safe from the other kind of cheating!