Saturday, 10 December 2011

What a difference a month makes...

One month ago I posted a blog


In that blog I made a series of wishes.  Strange events have been afoot since I broadcast my wish list into The Universe (aka Herbert).  Many of my wishes were for the planet and for all people and it's hard to tell if they are coming true.  Six of the wishes were specifically for me.  At the time that I wrote the blog times were pretty tough for me.  I was seriously flaring and in a lot of pain and I was dragged down by tremendous fatigue.  I had other basic personal issues that were causing me a great deal of anxiety too.  I felt unloved and unlovable.

The 11th of November was a Friday.  I was born on a Friday.  "Friday's child is loving and giving".

The 12th of November just happened to be the birthday of one of my old friends from high school.  We were connected on Facebook and you know how you get the birthday notification?  Well I left her a brief happy birthday message.  Later that afternoon I saw, for the first time, that she was online.  I umm'd and ahhh'd about sending her a chat message; I didn't want to intrude.  Finally I decided to say "hi" and ask if her birthday was going well.  My entire world has changed because of that message.  I know that seems a little drastic but it is completely true.  My old school friend is TLOML.  We started talking and we have not stopped.  She is everything I never dared to dream of in a partner and for some strange cosmic reason she seems to adore me too.

On the 14th of November I had my first appointment with the Immunologist Professor McCool.  He has taken an aggressive approach to trying to identify all the various issues that are plaguing me.  He has also put me on an anti-depressant for pain.  I have been doing better since I started to see him and I feel a real sense of security as his patient.

Since the day I made those wishes I can honestly say that each of the six wishes, that was personal in nature, has been positively impacted.

  • I am more healthy - not perfect but substantially improved
  • I am loving and I am loved in return
  • I have the hope of a safe and comfortable environment in which to live
  • I do not have as many things that are worrying me
  • I have laughed more in the last month than in the 12 months before combined
  • I have been spending a lot of time with interesting, caring, socially conscious people and there is the a promise of much more to come in that area
So there you have it.  It has been quite the turnaround.  In the last month I have fallen in love with someone I have liked and respected for over 30 years.  I have gone from quite a dark and depressing situation to one of great hope.  I feel easily twice as good as I felt then.  Maybe I am just high on that drug money can't buy or maybe ... just maybe ... Herbert has decided it's my turn to have some of my dreams come true.

Makes me wonder if maybe I should have wished for buckets of money too... oh well... money is nice but it can't hold your hand when you are feeling crappy, it can't make your heart leap and your eyes glow, it can't open your mind and enlighten your conscience, it can't make a beautiful woman swoon (well not the kind of woman I would ever be interested in).

The more I talk with TLOML the more it seems that we were kind of destined to be close.  We share strange things.  Other than our time at school together there have been numerous times we were in the same places, frequenting the same haunts.  Here is a little list of some of the odd coincidences.
  • We have the same unusual name
  • Our Dads were both doctors
  • Our Dads left our mothers when we were the same age (6)
  • We both have older brothers (her one me two)
  • We are both the youngest child
  • We both had step-mother issues
  • Though I come from completely the other side of town my step-mother took me shopping as an 8 yr old in her neighbourhood (she and my Dad lived there when they were first married)
  • She knew my first cousin before she ever met me
  • We swam at the same harbourside beach as kids - we might have even played together who knows?
  • Then we were at school together and sat side by side in Geography and Home Room
Although we have not seen each other since school....
  • We attended the same University, and took the same subject, in the same year
  • We share several mutual acquaintances
  • We both lived in the same rural region during the 1990's
  • She worked at a place that I have been to many times
Now to the present
  • Her nephew is in the same class at school as The Horsewoman's daughter (which is why I got a weird facebook friend suggestion for the lad - we had two mutual friends)
  • The Horsewoman sat next to TLOML's brother and sister-in-law at a school function recently
  • We are both single
  • We are both 49
  • We are both ready to make a relationship that buries forever the dysfunction of our previous relationships
  • We are both crazy about each other!!!
Now I understand that Australia is not as heavily populated as the US but Sydney is a city of over five million people.  These kinds of things don't happen every day.  You talk about five degrees of separation.... try heaps of versions of one and two degrees of separation?  It feels like all roads lead to TLOML and I might have been a moron not to get the message any sooner!!!

In reality it is the right time and the right place... I think we are both ready to be happy and I am enjoying every second and valuing it as a gift from Herbert!


  1. Don't you just hate people who don't discuss your post in their comment!
    OMG that's me dropping by to tell you CONGRATULATIONS you are Featured Fibro Blogger at Fibro Blogger Directory. So soon you may have to alter The Hearty Few to The Hearty Many or some such thing...
    We continue to enjoy your posts.

  2. LOL Good !!! Thanks for the plug mate I am delighted to be featured! Cheers.