Saturday, 10 December 2011

Batting out a quick blog!

Well I have had a really lovely day today.  Sydney was looking sparkly and bright, not too hot and not too cold... beautiful one moment and perfect the next! (to steal the old Queensland advertising slogan). 

First I got to have a wonderful long talk on the phone with TLOML and everything is copacetic and blissful in that direction.  (Only 5 days until she is here!!!)  Then I went over to visit with my friend The Actress and her delightful hubby The Percussionist, I got to gush over these developments in my personal life and bored them silly I am sure.  We went to see one of the houses on their street go up for auction, which was very interesting.  I spent a few years working as a Realtor back in Minnesota so I found that quite educational.  

Then I wandered off to visit with The Best Friend and her wonderful hubby The Optimist and they were having seafood night!  Yahoo!!  I brought the wine and we enjoyed fabulous garlic prawns and then fresh crabs (that were sweet and succulent and totally delicious).  Then we had a beautiful fruit salad with banana, mango, and peaches - to die for I swear!  The Boy was there and it was great to spend some time with him.  He was getting ready to go out with friends, hitting the town on Saturday night.  Had a cuppa with The Best Friend after dinner and bored her silly too.  My friends are so patient with me.

My fatigue level was really low which is wonderful and the baseline pain was totally manageable.  I have to say if every day was as good as today I think I could rule the world....  Not that megalomania runs very strongly in my veins.  

Now here I am.  Showered and clean , and sans all the crabby mess I acquired eating dinner and very shortly, probably the moment I post this blog, I will be settling in for a good night conversation with TLOML.  To put it bluntly... How much better does it get than this???  

The Universe (aka Herbert) was shining on me today!


  1. Are you sure TLOML doesn't have a wart on the end of her nose? Serious for a moment, did you tell her about your blog?

  2. Glad you had such a lovely day - you deserve it! Envious of those garlic prawns :-)))

  3. Hi Andrew - nope no wart and yes she knows about the blog... Usually I read it to her when we talk on the phone. For some reason she likes to listen to my voice. Go figure? Thanks mate
    Carinthia - the prawns were worthy of envy!
    Jazz - if every day was as good as this one I think I might set up some kind of a shrine to Herbert!
    Thanks all *smile*