Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Pain Clinic Update

Well, today was the day...  I couldn't sleep and woke very early after probably 4 hours of broken sleep.  I was very early to the appointment but it did mean I got a great parking spot!  (I always say I will never win the lottery because I use up all my luck on finding parking spots!)  The hospital is huge and it was still a very long walk through to the clinic (I wonder why they don't have moving footways like the airport?).

First I saw a psychologist and answered about 4,672, no hang on it was 4,676, questions.  Next I was meant to see a physiotherapist but the physio was off sick so I ended up with a wait of about an hour and a half before seeing the doctor.  I didn't have to exaggerate the pain today, though it was still a pretty good day by and large, all the sitting around was really starting to take a toll by the time I got in to see the doctor.

The doctor was young and very muscular, he was also very understanding and quite irritated by his pager that went off at least 6 times in the hour I spent with him.  He was very sweet doing a trigger point examination; he apologized each time I squealed and had to be scraped off the ceiling.  He diagnosed me with... wait for it... I hope you are on the edge of your seats...


Well that was a huge surprise, not the diagnosis I have known that for ages - a medical facility where they believe in FMS!

He has decided to put me back on Lyrica, which did nothing for me in the four and a half months I took it in the US.  Who knows, though, the dose might be different, I might respond differently.  He is also putting in an order for me to go into hydrotherapy which I think might be terrific except that there is not going to be an opening until next year and ... well... with the developments in my personal life I may well be in a completely different part of the country by the time they get me scheduled in.

The Lyrica is not covered by the government pharmaceutical benefits program but because I got the script filled at the hospital they only charged me the benefits rate which is pretty cool!  It also means that I will have to get to the hospital pharmacy at least once a month which is rather inconvenient.  Not that I mind if the damn thing is helping!!!  I did get the script filled but I have decided not to start taking it until I see Professor McCool on Monday.  I just feel like I trust him more to make sure there are not any harmful interactions with the other stuff he has me taking.

By the time I got back to the car I was really dragging pretty badly and I was in a lot of pain.  Straight home to the blissful relief of being horizontal.  I even had a nap - something I almost never do in the day time.  I'm still feeling exhausted and pretty sore but that's it for appointments for this week.  Back on the treadmill again  with McCool on Monday and McLovely on Tuesday.


  1. Sounds like you snagged yourself a good doctor! Yay!

    Lyrica has some mood side effects associated with it sometimes...I'm assuming your docs discussed this with you?

  2. It's definitley easier to find a good parking spot than a good doctor. I'm glad you found both!

  3. I wonder, what did the doc say when you told him you took Lyrica for months and it wasn't helpful? It's weird that he prescribed it again when you tried it already....

    Are you following up with the pain clinic or was it just a one-off? Just curious if it was just a diagnostic situation or if you are intending of following a program with them. The ones here are psych, physio, and exercise. Same there?

    Hope you have a good rest and recoup. I'm glad your appointment wasn't frustrating, and that they treated you well.

  4. Dr McMuscles? :-) Hope the Lyrica works for you this time... and that you had a good rest.

  5. Hi all and thank you for the comments!
    Sarah - he didn't but I am not going to start until I see McCool so I will talk it over with him.
    Adi - yes parking is easier and docs are really hard to find!
    Jazz - he didn't really respond to the fact that I had tried it already. I am due back there in 2 months for follow up. The idea is that they provide ongoing management of the pain. The team was doctor, psychologist and physiotherapist. Thanks mate!
    Carinthia - I don't think I will see the same guy again but if I do I will give him a name and yes McMuscles was the one I considered as I trudged back to the car LOL