Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Old friends, New friends and friends becoming ???

What an interesting day it has been!

Today I went out to Parramatta and met up with The Boy and then we were joined by The Lioness and her lovely daughter for lunch.  The "kids" discovered a shared love of the TV series "Charmed" (I can't believe how into it they both were... discussing costumes worn in particular scenes!!!  I asked The Lioness if she could name the clothes worn by her favourite characters on MASH - Green Uniforms Of Course!!!  Life was simpler when we were kids LOL).

The Lioness is one of those people who I have loved since the day we met.  I remember well our meeting.  I had been cast in a student production of the play Woyzeck (A torturous painful story) and The Lioness was to design the costumes and the set.  I went back to her house for a cuppa that day and we have been friends ever since.  At times we have been disconnected by time and distance but I have never felt anything short of love for her.  Now here we are, each with a child who just finished school, all lunching together.  It was lovely and too brief but the love was strong and it always will be.

After lunch we popped in to visit some new friends.  I met her at the hospital on Eileen's birthday... the last time I saw Eileen.  The Boy and I became closer to her and her family at the funeral.  It was a lovely but brief visit.  Such warmth and kindness from new friends.  I have been giving her some business advice from my marketing days... I should have thought to take her a copy of my book... Sometimes I don't have the bright idea until too late.  Oh well - Next time!

Tonight is the last night before TLOML arrives in Sydney tomorrow afternoon.  For some reason I seem to have reached a place of calm certainty.  Suddenly I'm not as nervous as I was.  I'm not as excited as I was.  I'm not as wound up by it all.  I just feel very calm and steady.  I feel very warm and comfortable and loving - not nearly so frenetic as my energy has been in the lead up.  Almost fatalistic.  In truth what can we be but fatalistic?  It will be what it will be and I will always treasure this time, this phase; it has its own merit and value.  It's too late to start trying to make myself beautiful - that project should have been commissioned twenty years ago!

In my life I have only ever met two women who bear my name.  One was a sales assistant in a department store when I was a kid... a stranger in a black dress who said "that's my name too".  The other was TLOML...  When I try to imagine how many people I have met in my life time it is inestimable.  The shared name is freaky weird but our relationship isn't freaky or weird in any way.  It just seems natural.  Whatever happens I know these things, we are both sensitive and kind people, we are both honest, there will be nothing harsh or unfeeling.

And who knows... this could be it... this could be forever... maybe we really are living in a love story!  It sure feels like it!


  1. I really hope this is your forever because you have so many fine qualities to share with someone.

  2. Thank you so much Mildred... We are both hoping that it will be everything it has so far promised to be. Forever is a shared goal.

  3. And now it's tomorrow and TLOYL will arrive this afternoon. :-D I hope it's the start of a forever for you too.

  4. Thanks Carinthia only about 7 hours to go!

  5. sweet, sweet, sweet!

    Oh, I can't wait to hear what happens, and how you get along in person. It just sounds so amazing and real.

    It's difficult to meet honest, nice, sensitive, and just plain good people. When you find them, thank your lucky stars and enjoy the good times.

    Still keeping my fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for you. Oh, yeah, and I'm having discussions with Herbert too, to allow this to all work out great!

  6. Hope it goes wonderfully! Will be thinking of you!

  7. Thanks so much my lovely girls!!! Everything is heavenly!