Sunday, 30 October 2011

Why doesn't "Acceptance" mean getting presents?

I've been going through some barriers lately... Delusion busting I guess....

I hope I'm not the only one who has successfully perpetrated a fraud against myself.

When I moved home to Australia in the beginning of September I was under some strange illusion that I would be fine when I got here.  Without a magician in sight I had managed to convince myself that a reduction in stress and the sights and smells of my homeland would make everything better (well at least everything manageable).  Maybe it was the high of surviving the packing and moving, I don't know, but for about a week I did feel pretty good.  In pain, slow, tired but not too bad - perhaps I was just very distracted with excitement and with seeing all the changes that have taken place in my absence.  I don't know.  Then I overdid it and crashed - and crashed I have stayed.

For a person with a poor tolerance for stupidity I was really stupid.  I KNOW that this happens, I KNOW that the windows of time when I can feign normal are further apart and shorter all the time, I KNOW that I have been getting steadily worse for several years.  Of course none of that was front of mind when I was spinning my web of self delusion!

My self image is undergoing a redesign and the new decor is not very attractive, brown, grey and gloomy have never been my colours!  (Yes I know gloomy is not a colour - but it should be).  I've been thinking about acceptance.

I remember the first time I used a motorized chair.  It was when I was living in the US and on one very pain filled day I just couldn't face the endless aisles of Walmart.  What a relief it was to use the scooter.  I know people stared at me with my robust appearance of strength and good health, but for once I did not waste my precious energy trying to persuade my friend that we needed to leave!  For once I wasn't desperately looking for somewhere to sit down and eyeing off the changing rooms to see if they were clean enough to take a moment horizontally.  I also remember the intensity of the emotions that surround the renegotiation of self image that using an aid arouses.  In fact I have been dealing with this again lately as I find I need to use a walking stick pretty much any time I am walking anywhere.  I think there is a possibility that I am deluding myself about this too cause I tell myself it is mostly about balance, and yes my balance is appalling, but I think I am also giving my legs a bit of a break and letting my arm and shoulders take some of the strain.  I know people look at me differently when I am using the cane, they move differently around me.  It is a visible sign of the ravages of my invisible condition.  But there are gains too, it kind of explains my pitiful slowness and my twisted grimaces; it gives me permission to let the pain and fatigue show, and that is a relief.  Hiding, faking, pushing, straining and acting are bloody tiring.  Yes "FAKING the thing so many people say fibro diagnosed people are doing... Well naysayers, you are right, we are faking... we are faking that we are ok when we are NOT, we are faking that we are like everyone else when we are NOT!  Faking being normal not faking FMS.

Tomorrow I am seeing Dr McLovely again.  My test results and xrays will be back.  I need to write myself a list of things I want to mention to her cause I can't trust myself to remember them.  I've been having some trouble with my vision but I think I will leave that for another time if it doesn't resolve, it's really only in the mornings anyway, maybe like morning stiffness for my eyes where they seem to take a while to wake up and pull focus correctly.

Anyway time to sleep - I had a big day today - I changed the sheets!


  1. Feeling for you girl. I totally get the whole exhaustion of "faking normal" thing ... xoxo

  2. Thanks M any kind of sustained acting is tiring LOL - faking straight, faking enthusiastic - faking "I give a shit" LOL. The all take toll. "Normal" sucks! I appreciate your support.

  3. I continually spiral thru anger, grief, acceptance ( I think denial has gone away now after 10 years) then get to the new normal, then it starts all over again. Some Fibro Bloggers Housework = Welcome, Glad you added your fibro voice. If you add a badge to your site your blog will be mentioned on twitter and facebook and added to Bloggers of Note; you may even be chosen as the Featured Fibro Blogger. If you need help adding a button read TO GRAB A BUTTON at right of home page - scroll down. If you cannot add a button please mention us on your site somewhere - links, favourites, blogroll a post, somewhere. Thanks - the idea is to spread the word that there are a lot of people with fibro in the hope of helping somehow. You have to have hope.

  4. I'm a new follower, i have Orthostatic Tremor but it has similar symptoms at times so i hope we can relate with each other and share our ups and downs.

  5. Hey NixNax thanks for the comment and welcome! I have a friend with Essential Tremors but I don't know anything about Orthostatic at all. Still people are people and I blog about our human condition, life, the universe and everything!