Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Who has the voodoo doll of me?

Ok time to fess up... I am not perfect... in fact I have made a few enemies in my time (I'm not really sure how but that is another story).

Last night I had an experience that clearly confirmed that someone, one of my American exes I suspect, has acquired a voodoo doll in my image.

Sitting on the couch with TLOML (who is wonderful/incredible/fabulous/and even better than I imagined etc) watching the teev suddenly my left butt/hip starts to hurt with a deep ache...  a moment later my right ankle develops a stabbing pain for no reason, I hadn't even moved it!  The ankle hurts enough to take my mind off my butt (oooh that was a weird image), but not for long because a moment or two later it's my right shoulder, then there is something stinging me at the back of my right knee, oh hang on -- nothing really there... no actual sting.  Then it's my right side of my butt with a deep throbbing ache.  If it didn't hurt it would have been amusing.

I started to describe this to TLOML (who is terrific/adorable/fabulous/and actually cares about my aches and pains etc) and while we are talking these blocks of pain continue to move around my body.  Mostly they were aches but, just so I don't get too bored, there were a few sharp stinging pains and some weird skin sensations... wandering imaginary insects, huge patches of burning skin etc.

Now any of my pals out there who are unfortunate enough to share this bloody rotten condition with me may have experienced feelings like this...  Actually wandering random pains are not all that unusual.  What was really odd last night was the speed of the changes.  I could hardly keep up with what was hurting most while trying to describe it to TLOML (who is gorgeous/amazing/fabulous and genuinely seems to be in love with me too for some insane reason etc).  I was announcing a new location about every ten seconds.

As a rational and well grounded, sensible woman, I can, of course, only come to one conclusion; someone  is playing roughly with a voodoo doll - an effigy of me.  I don't think they were doing the stereotypical sticking in of pins, mostly I think they were squeezing or pinching parts of me with an occasional little pin prick.  Perhaps they have acquired one like these ones pictured below (available at Voodoo Authentica)

All I can say is that I hope they misplace my effigy as soon as possible because I felt like I was playing some strange twisted version of "Whack-A-Mole" that would have been more appropriately called "Rub-A-Sore Spot"...  I couldn't keep up and failed miserably.

Fortunately this episode petered out eventually and I was able to enjoy Tablet Time with TLOML (who is excellent/awesome/fabulous and who I love more every day etc).  Courtesy of Dr McLovely I have been getting some sleep which IS interrupted by pain but IS NOT interrupted by the jumbo jet that is landing in the bedroom every ten minutes or so (aka the air conditioner).  I have even been dreaming a LOT lately.  If lack of sleep is really the culprit in the FMS mystery I should be feeling better...  I'm sad to report that "better" is not the Word of the Year so far for me.  "Happier" has taken what appears to be an unbeatable lead in the Word of the Year stakes!  That might be courtesy of TLOML (who is enchanting/amusing/fabulous and who has plastered a huge smile on my dial etc).

Herbert, would you please make the villain stop playing with the doll?


  1. I feel your pain I have been experiencing the exact same thing for the last 2 days, freakily so, travelling pain and red hot burning, itching, stinging, stabbing pain crawling all over my skin. I tried an epsom bath but in the end had to sleep to stop it but not before commenting to MOH that someone had my voodoo doll , funnily too I'm sleeping and dreaming vividly. Am focusing too on the happy and an thrilled as always for you and TLOYL reading your blog leaves me with a happy heart xx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment... isn't it freaky that you are experiencing the same things! I did have another bout this evening but the rest of the time has been at normal instead of warp speed! I'm glad the blog makes you happy, I fear my happiness has blunted my edge LOL! (A pittance to pay for the gifts I have received) Thanks

  2. If I had a voodoo doll of you I would be feeding it painkillers, giving it energy drinks and ensuring it was as comfortable as possible! :-)

  3. Oh mate thanks! I got a similar comment from a friend via facebook so I do feel cared about! I wonder if voodoo dolls can eat? cheers.

  4. Ughhhh...I've been going through something similar, but it's because (I think) I've been having a lot of emotional pain and it always seems to translate to physical pain.

    So I've been using heating pads, epsom salt baths and anything else I can think of to help...that isn't a pill. I really have to get past the fact that not everything can be cured with a pill!

    I'm sorry that you are hurting and if you come up with anything that helps, please share :-)

    And by the way, my daughter has been working on me to buy a juicer (the kind that creates juice, not a smoothie) to help with my digestive problems. She seems to think it will help with the pain. Hmmm... at this point, I'm willing to do just about anything. Just a thought.

    Maybe you can go get a reflector or a mirror and get the voodoo curse reflected back at the ex? My (lame) attempt at humor :-) Wish you all the best. Please tell TLOML to give you gentle hugs from me.

  5. denise alvarado voodoo doll book

    by robert silva

    anything used wrong ways is deadly

  6. Hi i feel u well someone in my class has a voodoo doll of me
    and i feel frightened then the next day i went to his house and
    i saw a voodoo doll of me plzz help oh and if i had a doll of u i would take rlly good care of u

  7. this has happened to me everyday at the same hour for this year so far. I have never believed in ghosts/ voodoo or anything spiritual at all. I thought all of that was a bunch of mumbo jumbo even when I was a little kid and heard sounds and doors would slam I figured it was the wind. But since 4 years ago my life has gone so downhill it has to be something. Since I moved into a new home, I have vomitted bile every day and have unexplained fevers, i randomly pass out, have been extremely depressed,and this voodoo feeling u described. It feels like someone is stabbing my organs so hard i fall to the ground. My skin usually feels like it is burning or being crawled on. There have been times where i feel a part of my body disclocate and i collapse. I thought maybe it was a ghost, even thought i never believed in them but now I am beginning to think someone is using some force against me . I have been to the doctor, gotten a biopsy of every organ through coloscopys xrays endoscopys and they cannot find anything. I have been to a dermatologist, a rhumatologist, a physiotherapist... everything my free healthcare allows. And nada! Am i going insane? It is comforting to read about other people with a similiar experience.

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