Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A New Life Begins...

I can't believe that it is nearly two weeks since I wrote a blog...

Believe me it has been an amazing ride!

This afternoon, my car was loaded on a barge and set sail into a brisk north easterly breeze.  Poor Shermie (my car) was jam packed to the roof with all (well nearly all) of my possessions.  It was the last leg of our 2400 km journey.  We are here.  We are "we".  We are astounded, excited, and frequently delirious with delight.  I am now ensconced on the couch at TLOML's house which is now, as of today, our home.

Tomorrow, I will try to write the real story, I'm just too tired and happy to do more than write this note.

Thank you Herbert.


  1. Go Gen,

    Glad to hear that you have gotten to where you want to be. Rest, be happy and enjoy the start of your new life. Love Elvia

  2. So glad you are finally home. :-))) I'm so very very happy for you both!

  3. Thank you Elvia and Carinthia! It's beautiful here and I have never been happier in my life. (The other Displaced seems pretty happy too!!! :))

  4. I've missed you! So excited to catch up....onto the next post :)