Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sweating it out

Phew - I know all my friends up in the Northern Hemisphere are suffering through their winter and I know I have been gloating somewhat about their negative temps.  I believe I have earned the right to gloat by spending 7 years in Minnesota and particularly by going skiing one day in jeans and long johns when the temp was minus 10 Fahrenheit (about -23 Celsius).  Karma being what it is I suspect my gloating is coming back to haunt me.

It's warm today, really quite warm, one might go so far as to say it is too warm... you might even say hot.  Right now it is a very humid 86 F with a "feels like" rating of 95 F...  I'm most definitely "all of a glow" and the languid rotation of the ceiling fan is providing scant relief.  It's more than partially my fault that I am now glowing (I guess rivulets might count as more than glowing?).

One of the things I failed to mention in my account of the road trip was that the front right turn light assembly (take note of my new and improved lingo acquired while searching online!) fell off the car somewhere on the first day.  It appears that the previous owner had failed to clip it back in properly after a minor front end repair.  Now Shermie (short for Sherman Tank), my car, is a Volvo, an older model but not showing her age too badly, so parts are quite an expensive proposition.  I went downstairs to check exactly what the part looked like and warmed up considerably.  The genuine part is just over $300.  There is an auto wrecker who "might" be able to get me one for $80, and online - in the US of A I could buy one for $25.  It's hard to believe that something performing the same function could range so vastly in price.  The dude at Volvo needed the Vin number to be able to search, so with him still holding on the phone I went downstairs again to get the Vin.  The second trip down and then up the stairs really kicked in the glow glands!

So I'm off for a tepid shower.  Mum always said that to cool down the shower must be tepid because either a hot one or a cold one stimulates blood flow and heats you up.  TLOML will be finishing work shortly and I'm looking forward to spending some time with her this afternoon.  It's an adjustment, TLOML going back to work, but I think it will be fine.  I will have more time to blog, more time to read, and now that I have finally worked out the enrollment system at the University (is that a secret test to see if we are smart enough to go to University?) I will soon be starting school.

I'll be interested to see if the FMS gets better or worse in the heat so far it seems to be much of a muchness but I am dutifully keeping my pain diary (if catching up the last two weeks could be called dutiful...) so if there are any significant changes it should be evident.  I do know, for me, that being cold makes everything hurt more.  I get more muscle spasms and more joint pain specifically.  I'm wondering if the heat might have a bad effect on my fatigue levels...  Oh well I'll know soon enough.  Any thoughts?


  1. I don't envy you that hot sticky climate, even if you ARE living in Paradise! :-)
    Car parts are a bugger. Why we have to pay so much for them in Oz beggars belief. I know someone with an older 1980s BMW who gets parts flown in from the USA as it's cheaper than buying here even with the shipping costs. Hope your wrecker can give Shermie his light and you don't have to fork out $300.

    Cool and rainy here today. Nice. :-)

  2. I find that my FM is always so much better in warmer climates. Even hot and humid (like New York in the summer!) is great for me. Here at home (northern Canada), not so much. Not only do the winters find me with more pain, spasms, less sleep, more seized, arthritis flares, etc., but our radical swings in temperature (up to 35 degrees Celcius in a single day) really mess with my body. Migraine city.

    Our goal is to move ASAP to a warm climate. Which is at least 12 years away. I just gotta hang on. Perhaps live vicariously through you, Dear Displaced.

    You really must post some pictures of the landscape of your new home. I keep trying to picture anything around a barrier reef (paradise is an understatement, I expect), and am yearning for real visuals!!

    Good luck with the glow. Just remember, it's so good for the complexion and removes toxins!

  3. My partner's FMS is always worse in the cold.