Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes - Turn and face the strain...

Moving right along...

Last night TLOML and I cooked a roast and it proved to be my first major slip.  How oh how could I resist baked potatoes???  For Herbert's sake I am only human!

I cooked masses of pumpkin and sweet potato (allowed), zucchini, broccoli, and the most delicious piece of tender lean beef, seasoned with salt, pepper and oregano.... (drooling all over again now).  I slipped in three little ways...

1.  I had a huge serving having waited too long for the dinner to be ready
2.  I had three tiny pieces of potato
3.  I followed up with a generous dollop of flavoured yoghurt

My taste buds were in heaven.

The worst thing was probably the yoghurt because it has way too much sugar and that is the villain I have worked hardest to avoid.  I guess to be honest I have not cut out as much sugar as I should have...  Tropical fruits are in season here and I have eaten several mangoes, two pears, quite a lot of watermelon, and one red papaya.  I have also had flavoured yoghurt maybe four times in the last two and a half weeks.

TLOML has been very encouraging and has been carrying on about how good I have been and I know I have done pretty well but I still think I need to be more aggressive about losing the sugar.

Here is an interesting note...  I seem to be having less bouts of severe pain.  Now I wasn't looking for this and to be honest it is always variable and sometimes I do go a while with only the lower level baseline pain but I think this is starting to appear significant.  I will say that I have been easier on my body than I was in the months leading up to this situation because it is so bloody hot I have not been doing any projects outside (having finished replacing all the stair treads into the house - all 16 of them! - in the 6 weeks before TLOML's birthday in mid November).  But I am going to aqua aerobics twice a week and last time I went to aqua I was spending a couple of days recovering from each session.  I hope this is not just a normal fluctuation and that it proves to be a significant improvement but I won't shout it from the rooftops just yet.  Still here's hoping!

TLOML is working her last days this week before breaking up for the summer holidays.  Her summer plans are still up in the air (waiting for someone else to make a decision) and so, therefore, are mine.  I don't think I will be going to Sydney.  The Boy is working lots over the summer so he is too busy to hang out with and much as I would LOVE to see all my friends it is a big expense when The Boy is not available.  I will probably just stay home and swelter quietly with our beloved dogs.  Maybe if TLOML ends up staying here too we will get away to the tablelands for a few days at some point and cool down.  I certainly have enough university work due at the end of January to keep me busy!

I know in the grand scheme of things if I make this dietary regimen a lifestyle (and I think I probably will) then a few cheats now and then are not only fine but are necessary.  This first 30 days though, I really need to stay hyper-focused and try to be perfect so that I can really make a difference to my blood readings.

I think I can ... I think I can... I know I can!


  1. That is really interesting about the fewer bouts of bad pain - I hope that continues for you. I'm guessing installing stair treads didn't help ;-)

    Now I"m drooling at your roast dinner. Oh yum! OK, so you slipped. Move on, keep doing the good stuff and don't on any account beat yourself up over it!

    I've been reading up on sugar and fruits for my own interest and the fruits with the thinnest skin have less sugar. So Mango is less sugary than watermelon. Apparently berries are the best as they have antioxidants as well. It's damned hard to go past an Aussie mango in summer though!

    Sorry to hear you won't be coming to Sydney as I would have loved to have caught up with you - both of you! - but oh well, next time!

  2. Thanks for the note of encouragement and I would have loved to have seen you too! You just reminded me I have some frozen berries just for these sugar cravings! My Herbert the mangoes have been yummy!

  3. Don't be too hard on yourself for having a few treats am a big fan of frozen fruit esp grapes (like a mini sorbet) and really interesting about the few bouts of pain. My sis just told me about intermittent fasting (5 days eating what you want and 2 days fasting, limiting calories to 600 for women) apparently the body goes into repair mode.. reports of results in cancer and diabetes tests and it is linked to how cavepeople ate, periods of abundance followed by periods of fasting between hunts. Not sure if it'll suit me as need to read more about it yet and pretty sure things could get worse for a while but it could have longer lasting benefits? Something for me to think about for the new year resolutions....well maybe

  4. Hi Siobhán, I am really very happy with this diet so far... it's a good diet for a carnivore because I can really eat as much meat as I want, green vegies too... no legumes, no grain, minimal starchy stuff, easy on the fruit (where I fail a little) -- it really isn't that hard! My intermittent fasting occurs when I just lack the inspiration and energy to make food!